Ghost in the sellotape

Equipment Size : H.80cm×W.40cm×H.60cm / Projection distance: 1M – 10M
Sellotape, High Power LED , motor

A screen image installation produced by a magic lantern machine.
A magic lantern machine in a darkroom projects an image while making a small beating sound. It looks like a planet, or cells seen under a microscope. Making a small beating sound, the image continues to rotate around as it subtly changes the way it looks.

Cheap Scotch tape that was purchased in Paris is what is projected as a screen image film. The quality of the tape is unstable as evidenced by a lot of air bubbles and the unevenness of the glue on the tape’s surface. The organic texture that was made by chance on the tape’s surface makes you imagine macro and microscopic images.

In Paris of the late 18th century, in the mayhem following the French Revolution, ghost shows using a magic lantern machine were all the rage. It was an exciting show with bodily sensations that took advantage of space by projecting ghosts in smoke from a burning fire. This surprised people by linking to spirits through producing images lacking mass in comparison to paintings.
Even with everyday things like Scotch tape, by looking at its shadow through the magic lantern machine, you might be able to imagine the spirit that dwells within the universe of substances and phenomena.