Ghostly Forest / 森

5ghosty forest01

Old stereo photographic plates, LED, Lens , Screen

Device / h.110 x w.30 x d.30 cm
Screen / h.200 x w.200 x d.45 cm

Photos of trees with spreading branches are projected sporadically on a large
scale in a dark room.
The tree photos are three-dimensional, using an anaglyph mechanism. Each of two photographs is projected in two different light colors. The differences of the images confuse the viewer’ s sense of depth.The tree photographs were taken with a three-dimensional camera equipped with a binocular lens. It is called a stereoscope and was purchased at a flea market in Paris. The stereoscope is around 100 years old and uses photographic technology prior to the use of film. The image is burned on a dry plate made of glass.At that time people were very excited about stereoscopic photographs that were more than two-dimensional. The photographer must have found his way to lush forest in search of subjects that had a sense of depth. When you look at something through two color filters that match the light, you get a stereoscopic effect. This is because the image from the right eye and the image from the left eye are combined in the brain, giving us a sense of depth.This produces an area in the brain that is impossible to enter.
This inaccessible space draws people in, making them feel as if they are wandering
in a forest between two- and three-dimensional spaces.

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